Home Insurance - Is Your Garage Covered?

Sometimes used as an office or play room, maybe even a games room or just a plain old place to put your car at night. Yes, the garage.

Do you know what the most vulnerable part of your garage is? It's the door(s). If the garage door stops functioning as it should then you're going to be in trouble next time you want to take the car out (or put it to sleep).

Aside from the fact you might not be able to open/shut your broken door, it could also make the rest of your house looks really bad! If a thief saw a half open damaged garage door, what do you think would happen next?

So, let's try and find an answer to the question you came here looking for - is a garage door repair covered by your home insurance?

That largely depends on a few details, like who caused the damage? If it was you (the homeowner) or maybe a family member then your home insurance should cover a repair or replacement.

However, if it was a 3rd party (i.e your neighbour), their insurance will have to cough up for the cost of the repair/replacement.

If on the other hand, it was an anonymous act of vandalism or unexplained fire, where the door has been destroyed beyond repair. Then your homeowner policy should normally cover the cost.

There are a few 'natural disasters' that are excluded from insurance policy cover, you might want to check with your insurance company on that one. You may also not be covered if you intentionally damage the garage yourself.

If the damage to your garage door is only minor, you may want to consider paying for it out of your own wallet. As you will probably know, every time we make a claim on our insurance policies, the premiums increase.

So, it can sometimes work out cheaper to hire a garage door repair company to do the job for you and pay them without involving the insurance company.